Who We Are

Quest Kitchens stems from the promise of what one’s gift can deliver…  If you can picture a young boy placing past times in the path of what a hammer and spare boards could muster, you’d have Karl in such light.  These hobby realms spanned from homemade hockey nets to a cabin build in the back woods of Marystown, Newfoundland.  With passions a fire, a Post- Secondary education held the direction of carpentry in the awaited helm of furniture making; hence, sparking the foundation Karl now lives, his dream.

Quest Kitchens arose from the conversation of “Why Not?’’ melded with a few spare dollars to shop second hand tools.  The business was born.  From a storage closet of a rented apartment on Windmill Rd., Dartmouth, three flights of worth were carried many a wee hour- fueling‘’Fight or Flight’’, at core.  Quiet moments befriended the Yellow Pages search of who would allow his craft of install; it was opportune of arrival.  Customer satisfaction grew under the umbrella of many a kitchen company. Then, independence struck finally! Having his very own shop, a space to rent, Karl’s decorum of ideas spread.  His cabinets signified his craft.  The spirit of push and many stretched hours were brimmed with a proprietor’s pride.

As the business led way, Quest Kitchens acquired a furniture making homestead from the 1940’s, The GIlbys’.  Talk about full circle!  And as the property is walked late at night, the calm voices the toil from those before; a great place for Quest Kitchens to land!

Karl is a family man first; housing the livelihoods of three children- Mccabe, Theo, and Thomas, alongside his life partner, Charmaine.  Such encompasses his drive to live his dream well.

Quest Kitchens is true integrity, valuing.


Quest Kitchens is an enterprise that ensures customers are educated in the product they are investing.  Standard with all kitchens are high end finishes, solid dovetail drawers, soft closures, full extension slides-and a build without shortcuts. Quality is signature.   Throughout the whole process of having a new kitchen, it is only either Karl or Charmaine that the client deals with- direct communication & clarity.